Our Approach:

Standards IT offers a free consultation which provides insight about the strengths and weakness of your current IT department.

How We Do It - Standards I.T.


Through an initial consultation a Standards I.T. representative will discuss the most important aspects of our services as an outsourced I.T. department.


Our Assessments determine your organizations current state and to understand each critical IT function. Standards IT makes it simple to identify your IT strengths and weaknesses so you can invest wisely.

On Boarding:

Also known as organizational socialization, refers to the mechanism of which new customers acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to become effective organizational members.

Governance Council:

Governace Council is the structure around how organizations align their IT and business strategy, ensuring that companies stay on track to achieve their goals and performance. This will ensure that all stakeholders’ interests are taken into account and that processes provide measurable results.

Project Management:

Initiating, planning and executing are all key aspects of project management. We understand that business goals and objects may change over time and that’s why we meet and work on specific projects that have definite outcomes and managing potential risks.


We show you how technology increases revenue and decreases expenses.