What We Do

What We Do

Information Technology as a Service (ITaaS): 

Standards IT was founded in 2012 by Danny Slusarchuk and was joined by partner Ryan Tisserand in 2014. Together we are an Oklahoma based technology firm offering Information Technology as a Service (ITaaS) which includes; Managed, Professional and Additional IT Services. At Standards IT our team of specialists are immersed in technology solutions every day, allowing you to create actionable decisions; implement effective business strategies and increase margins.  

Managed IT Services: 

Infrastructure & Equipment Monitoring:
Our systems keep an eye on your critical equipment 
and client PC’s 24/7.
Equipment Maintenance:
Servers, Switches, Firewalls, Backup Gear, Desktops, Laptops, UPS, NAS, SAN, etc.
Guaranteed SLA:
Guaranteed response times and after-hour assistance.
Software Updates:
Windows, Java, Acrobat Reader, Flash,
Shockwave, Firefox, Chrome, and more.
Network Audits & Fiscal Budget:
Regular audits and assistance with annual
IT budget plans & calculations.
Asset Management:
Track detailed information including; Model, Serial,
Warranty, Installed Software and License keys.
Priority Help - Desk:
Access to the front of our support queue

including Tier 3 technicians.
Networking Documentation:
Diagrams, Detailed Notes, Passwords. 

Professional IT Services: 

Cyber Security:

IT Assessments:

Data Analytics:
Business Intelligence
Information Management
Big Data

Business Process Automation:
Strategy IT Alignment
Current State

Additional IT Services:

Single Provider For all IT:
Provides all aspects of IT. Including;
Managed & Professional IT.

Project Management:
Consists of; Initiating, Planning
and Executing.

Ensuring that companies stay on track
to achieve their strategies and goals.

Vendor Management:
Distributes job requirements to
consulting companies, and vendors.

Strategic Planning:
Set of strategies designed to best
meet the needs of the customers.

Regular Predictable Expenses:
A monthly predictable fee.

Financial Transparency:
Making information as accessible
as possible.

Tax Advantages:
Tax credits, deductions and savings plans
can help taxpayers with their expenses.