Chief Information Officer

Chief Information Officer’s (CIOs) are the executives responsible for the I.T. department and computer systems that support your company’s operations. They govern I.T. resources, develop policies and procedures, plan, budget, and train. In addition they are experts in determining how to increase profits and reduce expenses. As your CIO we bridge the gap between I.T. and business objectives in order to set up effective and working relationships between all departments within your organization.

Functions the CIO contributes to the ITaaS model:

  • Provides high level I.T. leadership to the other members of the executive team.
  • Develops a strategy to achieve business goals and recommends solutions that produce measurable results. 
  • Ensures that the I.T. infrastructure supports the organizations computing, processing and communication needs.
  • Manages our team of I.T. specialists and ensures they have the skills to support the organizational needs.
  • Develops and stays within the organizations budget, reducing costs while maintaining service level agreements.
  • Recognize future requirements and make recommendations to sustain organizational growth.
  • Implements an I.T. Governance Council that oversees policy, procedure, change control, and project management.