Infrastructure - Network Administration

Our expert team of Network Administrators (NA’s) are responsible for the upkeep, configuration,
and reliable operation of networks, firewalls, routers, switches and cabling.  They ensure the uptime,
performance, resources, and security of the systems they manage meeting the needs of the users they support.

To meet these needs, we acquire, install, or upgrade network components, maintain security policies, troubleshoot, train and/or supervise existing staff, or offer technical support for projects.

Functions of Network Administrators and how it contributes to the ITaaS model:

  • Identify and manage up-to-date documentation on all network system hardware, software, and users.
  • Establish network specifications.
  • Analyze workflow, access, information, and security requirements.
  • Designs router administration, including interface configuration and routing protocols.
  • Evaluates network performance issues including availability, utilization, throughput, goodput, and latency.
  • Plans and executes the selection, installation, configuration, and testing of equipment; defining network policies and procedures.
  • Maintains network performance by performing network monitoring and analysis and performance tuning.
  • Troubleshoots network problems escalating problems to vendor.
  • Secures network by developing network access, monitoring, control, and evaluation.
  • Prepares users by designing and conducting training programs providing references and support.