Project Management - Strategic Planning

In customer-driven organizations, mission and goals are set to meet the needs of the customers.
The mission typically covers “what we want to become” and should be communicated throughout the organization. Goals translate the mission into specific, measurable, and tangible terms. The goals answer in detail where a corporation is heading or when it is going to get there. These goals should set targets for all levels of the organization. Each level of the organizational objectives should support the higher-level objectives in more detail.

Functions of Strategic Planning and how it contributes to the ITaaS model:

  • What we need to do to achieve these goals.
  • Extensive analysis of internal and external environments.
  • Analyze the external environment to identify opportunities and threats.
  • Analyze strengths and weaknesses such as management, facilities, core competencies, product quality, technology, and financial resources.
  • Set of strategies designed to best meet the needs of the customers.

Implementation focuses on: 

  • Organizational structure that supports the project.
  • Project management processes for planning, executing, and controlling to ensure strategies that are effective and efficient.
  • Project selection and priority system to ensure strong linkages between projects and the strategic planning.